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Activities of Enterprises

The main activity is the:

  • to ensure the conservation of wildlife, their habitat and biological diversity, the sustainable use and reproduction of wildlife, as well as implementation of a set of measures to prevent and combat crimes in the area of conservation, reproduction and use of wildlife;
  • The organization and carrying out activities for the annual assessment, recording, analysis and forecasting of the state of the animal world;
  • The organization of protection and accounting of flora and fauna with the use of land and air transport, as well as the involvement of persons providing services (work) related to the implementation of aviation operations, maintenance and repair of aircraft and persons engaged in the operation of civil aircraft;
  • The use of fauna objects and their metabolic products with the withdrawal of the habitat, population control, extraction (extraction, fishing, shooting, gathering) and hunting management on fixed hunting grounds in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • The relocation of wildlife (introduction, reintroduction) capture, transport, and overexposure to release their natural habitat;
  • The establishment of production facilities, nurseries and other farms, for reference, keeping, breeding, cultivation and game propagation of game animals in captivity and (or) semi-free conditions, and artificial breeding of rare and endangered species of wildlife;
  • The organization of construction, repair runs for temporary and permanent overexposure content of wildlife, attracting persons providing construction services (work);
  • International cooperation in the field of conservation, reproduction, and the sustainable use of artificial breeding of wildlife, research and analysis, scientific and practical activities, the development and publication of scientific, teaching materials and other printed materials on the protection, reproduction and use of wildlife, the acquisition of print and publishing services, as well as the promotion of the idea of wildlife conservation and education of citizens in the spirit of humane and caring attitude to the animal world.


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